Creating a Rock Brush

Rock Brush

Continuing on with the David Levy DVD, I moved on to creating a few additional custom brushes. The drawing below is a rock that I used to create another custom brush that will be used to quickly generate rocks of varying sides and shapes.

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Learning Custom Brushes with David Levy

Continuing along with my digital painting, my next lesson is how to create custom brushes and how to apply them to speed painting. To do so, I’m following along yet another Gnomon Workshop DVD by David Levy, which provides a great lesson on creating custom brushes and how to use them to for speed painting. You can pick it…

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Digital Painting

I’m finally getting around to focusing on my drawing again. As my homepage indicates, I’m trying to figure out this digital painting thing. Right now, I’m working with an Intuos4 tablet and Corel Painter X. To try to figure out the program, I’m also following along a Gnomon Workshop DVD by Ryan Church, which provides a nice intro to…

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