Model Supplies

I paid a visit to my local hobby shop, Z&Z Hobbies, to pick up some supplies for the build. First and foremost, I needed paint! For the majority of props I’ve built, I tend to stick with automotive or household paints, but this model is going to require something better fit for small scale. Luckily, the incredibly detailed painting guide that comes with the model includes a comprehensive list of all the colors needed, along with equivalents of Gunze-Sangyo, Humbrol, and Tamiya paint codes. As I’ve worked with Tamiya in the past, I decided to go that route. All in all, I picked up about twenty bottles of acrylic paint, plus some clear coats and thinner.

I also scored a new sprue cutter, a bottle of Tamiya adhesive, and some Maskol masking fluid, which I figure I’ll need to achieve the complex paint patterns.

Next up, I hope to be doing some building!