Training Continues…

So I realize it’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my website. ‘Just posting to say my marathon training is still moving along, although I’m a little behind schedule.

I did complete a half-marathon two weeks ago, so I still have some ways to go in building up my endurance. However, my long run the week after left me with some injured feet, so I’ve been trying to take it easy this week to let them heal.

Overall, I think I’m in OK shape for the race. I do have concerns with making it the entire distance, as the limiting factor on my long runs has been the increasing pain in my hips and feet. However, I’m confident that I’ll be able to make it to the finish line. It just might take a little longer than I initially planned.

I’ll be getting back to my routine this week, so stay tuned, and keep an eye on my Twitter updates for my day-to-day training results.