Project Canceled

Matty Collector’s PKE Meter

As you can probably tell by my lack of progress with this project, I’ve been struggling to find both the time and motivation to finish it. Lucky for me, I found a fairly good solution. Mattel Toys has teamed together with to release a replica of the PKE meter!

This piece was part of an exclusive release through Matty Collector, who’s recently come out with some great Ghostbuster items, but this is their first prop replica.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with it. It has a dual-mode display screen, sequencing LEDs, sound effects, and moving wings, which is exactly what I was after. The electronics are not as functional as the replica I was building, but it works for me…and you can’t beat it for sixty bucks!

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to cancel this build so that I can focus on some of the other kits I have piled up next to my workbench. My apologies to anyone who may have been following along, but stay tuned for some other prop/model builds!